Little King's Story is a game rated "T" by ESRB. The game has a cartoonish and childish feel but hides some adult humor and content. They are not obvious, but they are in the current game

In Letters

There are some hints in the letters that you get from the Suggestion Box.

  • At the end of each fan letter, you see a letter or two letters. If you add up all the letters from each fan letter, you get the word "Spanking."
  • One letter says Bewbies (As in, Boobies).
  • In a letter from Verde, it says that the king has been spending too much time in the Princesses castle doing 'Something'. This could allude to something sexual or odd to children.

Outside of the Castle

A list of jokes/allusions outside of the castle.

  • Ferne tells the king that she will "Be Gentle", alluding to something sexual.
  • During the 'Cats' cutscene, they seem to be doing something dirty, hinting at something dirty happening inside. More cats appear after you get a new princess.
  • Your citizens will occasionally mention one of the princesses when you talk to them. This always results in innuendo. For instance, citizens state that princess Shizuka touches them in "a special way." This is then revealed to be as a result of her using psychic powers to save the citizen from falling into the castle moat.