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Ruler Corobo
Regions Castle Town
Grassland Town
Stone City
Soldier Town
Gourmet Town
Royal City
Glamour Town
Miner's Town
Magical Land

Alpoko is the kingdom that Corobo rules. When you first start the game Alpoko is tiny, with no one with a job, 12 citizens, 2 cows, 3 chickens, and 0 Bol in the treasury but as the player progress in the game Alpoko becomes a huge kingdom, with lots of places to explore in it. There are many neighboring kingdoms to Alpoko, which Corobo and his citizens, try to conquer. in order to achieve the ultimate goal of World Domination.

Districts in Alpoko

Alpoko consists of 12 different areas and you get to build houses to get more citizens and other buildings for new jobs among other things.

Castle Town

Castle Town is the First District and is located, right outside your castle, and expands with an Southern Portion after you defeat Cow Bones, important locations here are the Soup Church which you can send any class of one Boy and Girl into to create a Carefree Child. The Castle Town gets a paved(stone) road after all the buildings for it in the Kingdom Plan are bought.

Jobs in Castle Town

Grunt Soldier, Hardworking Farmer, Regular Carpenter, Carefree Child

Grassland Town

Grassland Town is the Second District in the game, and is located to the West of Castle Town. You can obtain Grassland Town by defeating the Guardian UMA of Upchuck Forest Yvonne. Grassland Town is exclusive for the Animal Hunter. The Animal Hunter is one of the most useful Citizens in the game. The is a Village in the North and South. Also a bridge can be built for a shortcut to Gourmet Town, and you can go North to Royal City

Jobs in Grassland Town

Animal Hunter


The Farmland is the Third District that can be obtained in the game. It is located South of Castle Town and East of Stone City. It is first inhabited by the Onii(Considered to be part of the Onii Kingdom, but after you defeat the Onii Man it is able to developed on. You can obtain the Merchant exclusively in this district by building the expensive Shopping Arcade. Lumberjacks are an exclusive to the Lumberjack Hut to this district as well. Finally, Farmers are available due to the nature of the district. Skinny Ray's Observatory is located here as well.

Jobs in Farmland

Savvy Merchant, Hardworking Farmer, Buff Lumberjack

Royal City

The Royal City is the Fourth District obtainable in the game, it is located North of Grassland Town. You first must defeat the Guardian UMA of Mushroom Forest the Mush Bro. Royal City is what you would expect, it is a City for the Royal. Most of the buildings are expensive, but contain a lot of citizens, they are also shaped like towers. Two Important Locations here are the School which you can send a carefree child into to turn them into a Carefree Adult. There is also the Culinary Academy which is used to make chefs. Also if you head West you can get to Glamour Town, and if you go North you can reach Magical Land.

Jobs in Royal District

Gourmet Cook, Carefree Adult (by sending carefree children to school)


The culture of Alpoko appears to be a mixture of classic fairytale, Japanese culture, as well as incorporating the cultures of the various other fictional kingdoms in the game. It would appear that citizens from other former kingdoms have brought their culture to Alpoko.