Armor is one of the Treasure items that can be found.

Black Cape Life +2 Dropped by the Reborn Dragon
Black Cape Icon
Casual Clothes Life +2 Talk to the second trained Savvy Merchant
Casual Clothes Icon
Chainmail Life +3 Buy Special: Super Armor from the traveling merchant
Chainmail Icon
Dude Thong Life +4 Skull Plains
Dude Thong Icon
Furry Kilt Life +2 Bring Ginger fifteen Art Pieces
Furry Kilt Icon
Gauntlet Life +3 Soldier Town
Gauntlet Icon
Grass Mail Life +2 Buy Special: Armor Research from the traveling merchant
Grass Mail Icon
Hand Cooler Burn Immunity Bring Ginger thirty Art Pieces
Hand Cooler Icon
Hand Warmer Snowman Immunity Bring Ginger fifty-five Art Pieces
Hand Warmer Icon
Health Undies Life +3 Bring Ginger twenty Art Pieces
Health Undies Icon
Legendary Armor Life +10 Bring Ginger one hundred Art Pieces
Legendary Armor Icon
Legendary Dress Life +7 Bring Ginger seventy Art Pieces
Legendary Dress Icon
Legendary Ring Life +1, status immunity Past the block archway north of Magical Land
Legendary Ring Icon
Legendary Undies Life +1, status immunity Defeat Howser at table tennis
Legendary Undies Icon
Lucky Misanga Life +1 In a trash can near the Let's Play! Panel
Lucky Misanga Icon
Pancho Poncho Regeneration! Bring Ginger forty Art Pieces
Pancho Poncho Icon
Paperweight Weighs you down Bring Ginger eighty-five Art Pieces
Paperweight Icon
Sterile Undies Poison Immunity Bring Ginger fifteen Art Pieces
Sterile Undies Icon
Striped Undies Life +5 Collect taxes from the Riverside Cabin
Striped Undies Icon

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