Before the release of Little King's Story, there were many things that were going to be included in the game, but never made it to the final version. They can be found in trailers, previews, press pictures, and in the game's data.


  • Players had the ability to construct buildings.
  • Corobo's party were originally shown on the top screen as "TEAM".

Characters & Citizens


  • The world appears to be much larger, with larger hills and bigger forests.
  • The Ripe Kingdom was called the Gluttonia Kingdom.
  • The Worrywart Kingdom was called the Kingdom of Troubland.
  • The Tiptoe Kingdom was called the Land of Overreach.


  • There were originally fifty-five UMAs. The two removed are the Onii King and, according to the filename, Onii Onfly - a red version of the Onii King.
  • There were originally fifteen Animals. The one removed is the Mouse.
  • There were originally ten Kingstone Jewels. The three removed are Oniyx (オニスキ Onisuki), Obnoxopal (オバール Obāru), and Moneyet (オカーネット Okānetto).

UMA & Boss Battles


  • Nine cutscenes were removed from the Video Archive, they are:
    1. No. 01: The opening cutscene of the box theater.
    2. No. 02: Liam scaring off the rats and calling himself the king.
    3. No. 03: Verde flirting with a training dummy, pretending it was Corobo.
    4. No. 04: Corobo chasing the rats into a tree hole where he becomes lost. He would then be greeted by Howser and Pancho in search of the true king.
    5. No. 05: Corobo wearing the crown and Howser, Liam, and Verde are bowing before him.
    6. No. 22: Skinny Ray done in a cartoonish style.
    7. No. 43: Howser tells Corobo that he he receives the divorce papers from the Princesses.
    8. No. 44: Corobo meets with the Rat King.
    9. No. 45: Corobo finally meets with the "God".