Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon
Life 300
Location Jolly Kingdom
UMA Book Description A legendary UMA said to be very strong.

Blue Dragon is the Final Guardian UMA faced by Corobo in Little Kings Story. It lives in an underground tunnel sealed with ice, Near Glamour Town],that is only accessible after you beat the Red Radish UMA Guardian. Then you have to accept the Ultimate Guardian Quest.

Attacks and Strategy

When you encounter Blue Dragon it will be in a restless slumber, meaning it will stay in one spot while defending itself. During the first half of the fight the dragon will attack by tail swing and blowing ice, If you don't attack it, so get organized. When you attack, it will curl it's head and tail in call everyone you sent to avoid the tail drag attack. It will also do one of two attacks: holding it's head up with it's tail and breathing ice breath; or, it will roar, causing icicles to come down (these can destroyed in one hit). Just give it some space to do its attacks and you will avoid damage.

Blue Dragon 2

The Blue Dragon is found

During the second half of the fight the dragon will get up because it is angry that Corobo's army has attacked it. Use the same tactics that you would use for the Marble Dragon, just react quicker. There is one attack that you should look out for, the dragon will fly above you, get into defense formation and wait for the ice breath it blows to melt. Get out of the way to avoid a damaging shockwave that the dragon creates. Just wait for the right moments to attack and you should be fine, also it can do a tail swipe that can instantly kill any person in your Royal Guard.(it blows your team away!) After you defeat the Blue Dragon, the area around it is transformed and you can build a giga carpetenter.


Blue Dragon is exactly what the name states, it is a blue ice dragon. It seems to be passive and lazy as it is found sleeping when you confront it. But, when disturbed it becomes just as dangerous as any other dragon, maybe even more so than all the other enemies in the game.