New little kings story vita 4boss tengu
Boss Tengu is a boss that appears in New Little King's Story as a guard for Princess Sakura. He replaces King Duvroc as the boss for the Land of Cherry Blossoms.


Boss Tengu is similar to King Duvroc, in the way that they both drink alcohol to perform certain attacks, and have Oni as minions. However, unlike King Duvroc, Tengu will not simply stay in one place and attack. He will slowly move around the field, following the King for a little bit before shortly drinking and creating a small circle of fire around him.

At some point, Boss Tengu will drink from his bottle of alcohol for a slightly longer point of time, and a message will appear saying that Tengu is drunk. At this time, Tengu will stumble around the field, creating mini tornadoes which will slowly spread through the battlefield. Shortly after getting drunk, Tengu will do one or two of three things:

1. Charge in the direction that he is facing.

2. Vomit, which will create a green puddle that poisons anyone who touches it.

3. Create a giant tornado that will move in the direction Tengu is facing.

When fighting Tengu, attacking while he's sober is you're best choice, since he will only perform more predictable attacks during that time. Just about all his attacks are easy to avoid while he's drunk, but it will still be difficult to attack him. He will eventually sleep off the alcohol, leaving another opportunity to perform heavy damage, but he will occasionally toss to the side in his sleep, damaging whoever ends up on that side.

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