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Broadcasters are the citizens of the Primetime Kingdom, and are the controllers of the systems in which TV is broadcasted through.


Broadcasters look very much like their king, TV Dinnah, but are a little bit smaller and do not feature as much detail as TV Dinnah. There is a Broadcaster representing each major part of the real world such as New York City Station. In the King TV Dinnah, boss battle. The Broadcasters fly planes over the battlefield bombing your Royal Guard. There appears to be two kinds of Broadcasters: ones with cameras for heads and ones with normal head with an antennae on top.



The Broadcaster found in Alpoko

After you defeat TV Dinnah, a lone Broadcaster, just like the Eggan, will appear as a citizen in Alpoko. All the Broadcaster's can do is destroy TVs in the overworld.


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