Carefree Adult Icon
Carefree Adult
Carefree Adult Icon
Carefree Adult Info
Carefree Adult
Cost to train Free
Skills Digging
"This is a Carefree Adult. Basically a useless layabout. The only thing they're really good for is digging holes. Aside from that, there isn't much else they can do. Being barehanded, they can't break through rocks or trees. That's all I have to say about them."
— Liam

Carefree Adults are a class of Jobs in Little King's Story. Any citizen can become a Carefree Adult by by using the Carefree Rock outside Alpoko Castle. Additionally a Carefree Child can be turned into a Carefree Adult at the Royal School. When Magical Land is finished some Carefree Adults will wear dark blue robes and claim they have magical powers. They can be sleeping around Alpoko.


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