King Corobo on his throne

Corobo is a timid young boy with extraordinary good luck. While lost in the forest near his home, he happens upon a crown that bestowson the wearer the power of ultimate persuasion. Now the ruler of a nation (Alpoko), will he use his newfound powers for the good of his subjects, or will he let his newfound power go straight to his head?

- The Little King's Story Instruction Booklet


Corobo is the main character and also the only playable person in "The Little King's Story." A young boy soon becomes king of Alpoko after chasing some rats into a forests and finds a crown which gives him the power of persuasion. He must obtain "World Domination/ Unification" with the help of his civilians and friends by defeating various UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals) and kings of other kingdoms. Verde is the Records Minister- talk to her to save your current game or find out about your kingdom. Howser Oreganostein the Noble Bull Knight along with his cow Pancho act as an adviser to Corobo by allowing to expand Alpoko. Liam, another of Corobo's friends along with Verde, is the Anything Minister. He is a tutorial provider and even throughout the game provides helpful information although he may seem slow. Talking to him also lets Corobo equip civilians with weapons to fight with. Like the citizens, Corobo will "age" when he takes damage. Two health will give give Corobo a beard and one health will give Corobo gray hair. When playing Tyrant Mode, Corobo will always have grey hair and a beard as his health is limited to one. Corobo can attack by using his staff while on the field. In New Little King's Story reveals he is 14 years old.


After defeating a king, Corobo gains a wife. Throughout the game, he obtains seven:

Princess Apricot: Saved from the Onii King, she is a sweet strawberry blonde who has a passion for traveling to other places.

Princess Bouquet: Saved from drunk King Duvroc, she is a smart princess who speaks using mathematical equations.

Princess Spumoni: Saved from obese King Shishkebaboo, she is a connoisseur of foods.

Princess Shizuka: Saved from the riddling King Omelet, she is a strange princess that has a soft spot for animals. She is also very quiet and seems to have a fascination with aliens (she talks to them).

Princess Kokomo: Saved from TV Dinnah, the king of television, she is a blonde that loves to sing and has a tendency to say "like" a lot.

Princess Ferne: Saved from the "tall" Long Sauvage, she is the most "attractive" of the seven and has an obsession with jewelry and romance.

Princess Martel: Saved from the eraser Jumbo Champloon, she is the most competitive and loves cars and breaking existing records.


Little King's Story

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