Cow Bones
Cow Bones
Cow Bones
Life 80
Location Cemetery
UMA Book Description A phantom cow with a skull for a head.

Cow Bones is the guardian of the deserted graveyard in Little King's Story and the first UMA (unidentified mysterious animal) Guardian that the young king fought.


Cow Bones like his name suggests has a skull where its head should be, other than that, it looks like a normal white cow with black spots.

Attacks and Strategy

Being the first boss, cow bones is fairly easy to deal with. Keep moving when he starts pawing the ground to avoid a charge, he will then literally lose his head confusing him for an amount of time start your attack then call the troops back when the head lands on his shoulders again. He will then do one of two things he will either:

  • Jump in the air and cause a shock wave, simply run away to avoid.
  • Or, shoot his homing head at you, again run, as the head will only go a short distance away from the main body