Little King's Story

Small Talk

  • "Airplane Hamburger."
    ("King Like.")
  • "<Alive NPC> Airplane hamburger."
    ("<Alive NPC> King like.")
  • "<Dead NPC>. Christmas."
    ("<Dead NPC>. Boring.")
  • "<Alive NPC> dead."
    ("<Alive NPC> death.")
  • "Airplane camel."
    ("King genius.")
  • "<Washed Up NPC> spaghetti bulldozer hamburger."
    ("<Washed Up NPC> live god like.")
  • "Beetle. Spaghetti."
    ("Lucky. Live.")
  • "<Loves NPC> potato."
    ("<Loves NPC> yes.")
  • "Hamburger, rocket."
    ("Like, world.")
  • "<Church Blessing> grasshopper spaghetti. Camel hamburger."
    ("<Church Blessing> child live. Genius like.")
  • "<Loves NPC>... Potato hamburger. Beetle helicopter."
    ("<Loves NPC>... Yes like. Lucky love.")
  • "<Loves NPC> helicopter. Potato hamburger."
    ("<Loves NPC> love. Yes like.")
  • "<Dead NPC> Christmas, Olympics."
    ("<Dead NPC> Boring, Hate.")
  • "!"
  • "?! Airplane, Olympics."
    ("?! King, Hate.")
  • "! ...?! Airplane Olympics. ... Airplane! Potato! <Song Name>!"
    ("! ...?! King Hate. ... King! Yes! <Song Name!>")
  • "Mojo Priest! <Song Name>!"
    ("Yes! <Song Name>!")
  • "Airplane hamburger <Number> points!"
    ("King love <Number> points!")
  • "Airplane, hamburger <Number> points..."
    ("King, love <Number> points...")
  • "Tapeworm Christmas."
    ("Adult Boring.")
  • "Tapeworm Olympics."
    ("Adult Hate.")
  • "*Whisper whisper* Potato bell pepper. <Gossip>"
    ("*Whisper whisper* Yes no. <Gossip>")
  • "*Whisper whisper* Potato bell pepper."
    ("*Whisper whisper* Yes no.")
  • "Machine gun rocket sunscreen."
    ("Big world war.")
  • "Grasshopper rocket."
    ("Child world.")
  • "Tapeworm rocket Christmas."
    ("Adult world Boring.")
  • "Tapeworm cigarette."
    ("Adult ???.")
  • "Tapeworm toilet."
    ("Adult enemy.")
  • "Bulldozer Christmas."
    ("God Boring.")
  • "Toilet... Mantis Olympics."
    ("Enemy... Invader Hate.")
  • "Bulldozer, rocket. Bulldozer, rocket."
    ("God, world. God, world.")
  • "Bulldozer, snail. Beetle, rocket."
    ("God, room. Lucky, world.")
  • "Roach suntan oil. Olympics. Airplane camel. Airplane snail. Grasshopper snail. Bulldozer snail. Wildcat lassi. Hoot horn weasel! Beetle!"
    ("Demon war. Hate. King genius. King room. Child room. God room. ??? ???. ??? ???! Lucky!")
  • "Shizuka chainsaw."
    ("Shizuka love.")
  • "Kokomo Pine helicopter."
    ("Kokomo Pine love.")
  • "Ferne helicopter."
    ("Ferne love.")
  • "Martel helicopter."
    ("Martel love.")
  • "Airplane, hamburger."
    ("King, love.")
  • "Rocket, hamburger."
    ("World, love.")
  • "Grasshopper, hamburger."
    ("Child, love.")
  • "Machine gun Locust, hamburger."
    ("Big Child, love.")
  • "Machine gun roach. Bulldozer Olympics."
    ("Big Demon. God Hate.")
  • "Bulldozer. Rocket hamburger."
    ("God. World love.")
  • "Bulldozer. Roach Olympics."
    ("God. Demon Hate.)"
  • "Mojo Priest!!!"
    ("Demon Invader!!!")
  • "Caterpillar airplane. Roach dead."
    ("Small king. Demon death.")
  • "Airplane camel."
    ("King genius")
  • "Bulldozer, beetle. Rocket spaghetti."
    ("God, lucky. World live.")
  • "Bath cleaning Olympics."
    ("Criminal Hate")
  • "Bath cleaning! Dead!"
    ("Criminal! Death!")
  • "Pitch black! Dead!"
    ("Robbery! Death!")
  • "Cigarette, dead."
    ("???, death.")
  • "Toilet, dead."
    ("Enemy, death.")
  • "Mantis, arithmetic."
    ("Invader, ???")
  • "Tapeworm, dead."
    ("Adult, death.")
  • "Roach sunscreen... dead."
    ("Demon war... death.")
  • "Roach toilet... dead."
    ("Demon enemy... death.")
  • "Dead cigarette... Olympics."
    ("Death ???... Hate.")
  • "Caterpillar airplane... Christmas."
    ("Small king... Boring.")
  • "Grasshopper snail... Christmas."
    ("Child room... Boring.")
  • "Bulldozer, Christmas."
    ("God, Boring.")
  • "Bulldozer tapeworm, arithmetic."
    ("God adult, ???")
  • "Roach, dead."
    ("Demon, death.")

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