Dragon Hopper
Dragon Hopper
Dragon Hopper
Life 30
Location Skull Plains
UMA Book Description A fierce Onii riding a dragon leg.

Dragon Hopper is an Onii riding a Pogo Stick like toy, but the Pogo Stick is shaped like a Dragon's Leg. It is basically a stronger version of the Onii Hopper


The Dragon Hopper is a regular Onii riding a Red Marble Dragon Leg-Like Pogo Stick, except there is a place where the Onii stands on. There is also a Handlebar with little red strings hanging out of them.


The Dragon Hopper can plough straight through your guard. In addition they may jump and and make a ground-pound like attack that hurts any of your guard near him. Also, the Dragon Hopper has a ton more HP then its cousin the Onii Hopper, so it is reccomended you stun them before you even try to take them out.