Howser Oreganostein Medal
Howser Oreganostein
Howser Oreganostein Medal
Artwork of Howser riding Pancho
Sex Male
Job Bull Knight
Affiliation(s) Ministers

Howser Oreganostein is a bull knight, riding his travel companion Pancho the bull. He first appears on the intro of the game, and is the one who most helps Corobo in the game's course. He crowns Corobo the King by the game's start, and helps him on how to develop his kingdom. Howser also reads the letters from the other Kings. He can help develop the kingdom through Kingdom Plan, and shows the citizen's letters on the Suggestion Box.


Howser was searching Alpoko with Pancho, for a new king, when he stumbled upon Corobo, without his crown (trailers only), and later encounter's Corobo already with his crown. Even its not revealed, it seemed Howser served the previous king of Alpoko. However, he didn't know about the world's size, neither about the other kings. Mentions he has been in many battles before. He is the one to suggest world domination to Corobo.

New Little King's Story

Howser appears similar to his original role and is very loyal to King Corobo. He appears to be the uncle of Azul, who fulfills a lot of Howser's role from the original game. After the fall of Alpoko to The Nightmare, Howser joins Corobo and manages to find a run-down wooden home serving as the new castle to the king, setting off the story.


  • Howser is the only character that had spoken English, in the trailers. In the game, even though his voice is the same, he speaks in the game's language.
  • In the credits, its shown that Howser is a common old man, who seems to like bulls and cows, sleeping.
    • According to the sketchbook, Howser is believed to be Corobo's deceased grandfather. That died a year before the events of the story.