Jumbo Champloon
Jumbo Champloon
Jumbo Champloon
Sex Male
Ruler of New Island
Subjects Craftians
Abilities Shooting Crayons
Shooting Lasers
Giant Pencil
Spin Attack
Heal (Oniis)
Captured Princess Princess Martel

Jumbo Champloon, is the king of New Island, and the final king fought by Corobo. He is made of trash, and speaks jibberish poetry. Parts of him fall off, due to him being made of trash - however, he is a formidable opponent. He is also the largest character in the game. Onii bring him power ups, such as health restoring candy, and attack weapons. Princess Martel wandered into a vase that makes up part of his body. His crown is made of cardboard. He breaks into a massive trash heap when leaving him defeated. He represents the sin of Envy.

Powers and Abilities

Jumbo Champloon 2

Champloon, can use his whole body as a weapon, such as shooting explosive crayons, a giant pencil that pulverizes the ground, the ability to shoot laser beams, summon spears, and do a deadly twist attack, which makes him a hard king to defeat. However, Champloon cannot move around, which makes him an easy target.


Like the other bosses, Jumbo Champloon's health need to reach zero to beat him. Jumbo Champloon has three phases that King Corobo needs to beat. It is recommended to have an army of Hardened Soldiers, the Steel Knight, Animal Hunters, a Buff Lumberjack (These are a timesaver), a Farmer, a gourmet cook, . There is a hot spring in the bottom left next to some pots. There will always be Oniis coming to give King Jumbo Champloon candy to heal him. They will appear out of West, Center, and East Gate. You can tell which gate each one comes out by facing Jumbo Champloon (North). Guard position is recommended.

First Phase

Jumbo Champloon fires crayon missiles that explode on contact, they can also be destroyed if you send Animal Hunters to Jumbo Champloon. Corobo can send some of his men to attack Jumbo Champloon and avoid the missiles. Call back the army once King Jumbo Champloon twists up and gets ready for a spin attack. Jumbo Champloon has purple pencils that will attempt to stab the ground and cause an earthquake. You can destroy these purple pencils with your buff lumberjack.

Second Phase

Similar to the first phase except Jumbo Champloon lays Concodore eggs and eggans can break it, and has a laser that can change jobs of the citizens if hit. Use the Chef for the Concodores and move when Jumbo Champloon is charging the laser.

Third Phase

Go to the edge to avoid the lance attacks and watch out for the rollers. Send the soldiers and call them back before or after the rollers come by. Jumbo Champloon also summons spears. Observe the ground carefully so you can dodge them. Purple pencils reappear, so you have to destroy them with lumberjacks again.And Jumbo again uses crayons and twists up!


  • Arithmatic = Unknown
  • Basketball = Unknown
  • Bathroom = Criminal
  • Pencil = Unknown
  • Bell Peppers = No
  • Hamburger = Unknown


  • The music during the fight is The Infernal Galop from Orpheus and the Underworld, or the Can-Can.
  • You can see Jumbo Champloon's Chicken head under the Boy's bed at the final Boss Fight.
  • Despite the fact he has specialized subjects (Craftians) he does not use them in battle.
  • Being an incomplete king from an incomplete kingdom, Jumbo Champloon is neither a typical fantasy villain nor based on anyone Corobo knows.
  • According to dialogue with citizens, New Island's king is the first being created by god, which explains his crude appearance and manner.