King's Art Exhibit

Ginger tends to the art exhibit. The art was drawn and sent in for Little King's Story. The winner's art became an UMA while the rest became pictures Corobo needs to find in the game.

Art Pieces No.01 - No.10

Evil Dragoon Cat JPN Art Gallery 001
Art Piece No.01 (USA)
"Evil Dragoon Cat" by Sephie Melton
Art Piece No.01 (JPN/PAL)
"Swarm" by Kazuya Kamie
USA Art Gallery 002 JPN Art Gallery 002
Art Piece No.02 (USA)
"Amariya" by Hector Salinas, Jr
Art Piece No.02 (JPN/PAL)
"Turniplepas" by Yohei Yamamoto
USA Art Gallery 003 JPN Art Gallery 003
Art Piece No.03 (USA)
"Amani-tan" by KL
Art Piece No.03 (JPN/PAL)
"Mokemoke" by Miho Ogata
USA Art Gallery 004 JPN Art Gallery 004
Art Piece No.04 (USA)
"Bruno" by Andrew Wiley
Art Piece No.04 (JPN/PAL)
"Gorilla Potato" by Aturah
USA Art Gallery 005 JPN Art Gallery 005
Art Piece No.05 (USA)
"Achbar" by Brittany Mora
Art Piece No.05 (JPN/PAL)
"Goatcrocken" by MEGA
USA Art Gallery 006 JPN Art Gallery 006
Art Piece No.06 (USA)
"Big Red" by Madeleine Rabil
Art Piece No.06 (JPN/PAL)
"Egg Prince" by UMA
USA Art Gallery 007 JPN Art Gallery 007
Art Piece No.07 (USA)
"Birdle" by Thomas E. Drusen
Art Piece No.07 (JPN/PAL)
"Come on the Board" by Missus Y
USA Art Gallery 008 JPN Art Gallery 008
Art Piece No.08 (USA)
"Blueberry Screams" by Kyle Rizla Doviken
Art Piece No.08 (JPN/PAL)
"Parrot Manager" by Achu
USA Art Gallery 009 JPN Art Gallery 009
Art Piece No.09 (USA)
"Gunther Gums" by Madeleine Rabil
Art Piece No.09 (JPN/PAL)
"Macho MOE" by Do
USA Art Gallery 010 JPN Art Gallery 010
Art Piece No.10 (USA)
"Bokoma" by Destiny Foster
Art Piece No.10 (JPN/PAL)
"Mashuraten" by Dororonpa

Art Pieces No.11 - No.20

USA Art Gallery 011 JPN Art Gallery 011
Art Piece No.11 (USA)
"Junk-heap" by Bennie Bramlett Jr.
Art Piece No.11 (JPN/PAL)
"Persiraffe" by Mechamegane
USA Art Gallery 012 JPN Art Gallery 012
Art Piece No.12 (USA)
"Bristle" by Arjay
Art Piece No.12 (JPN/PAL)
"Dirt Eater" by Yu->ki Sato
USA Art Gallery 013 JPN Art Gallery 013
Art Piece No.13 (USA)
"Bunny Knight Spirit" by Beth Melamed
Art Piece No.13 (JPN/PAL)
"Squidmone" by Ena Yurimi
USA Art Gallery 014 JPN Art Gallery 014
Art Piece No.14 (USA)
"Buruce" by Nils Houghton
Art Piece No.14 (JPN/PAL)
"Mush & Room" by Yoyo
USA Art Gallery 015 JPN Art Gallery 015
Art Piece No.15 (USA)
"Cacto-Ram" by Jamie McNeely
Art Piece No.15 (JPN/PAL)
"Phantom Berry" by Yoshitaka
USA Art Gallery 016 JPN Art Gallery 016
Art Piece No.16 (USA)
"Celestial" by Michael C Bonsteel
Art Piece No.16 (JPN/PAL)
"Bean Die" by Recycle General
USA Art Gallery 017 JPN Art Gallery 017
Art Piece No.17 (USA)
"Airhead" by Hannah Davis
Art Piece No.17 (JPN/PAL)
"Elf Hunter" by Retromania
USA Art Gallery 018 JPN Art Gallery 018
Art Piece No.18 (USA)
"Ciractus" by Chris Morrison
Art Piece No.18 (JPN/PAL)
"My Fairy" by TOKKO
USA Art Gallery 019 JPN Art Gallery 019
Art Piece No.19 (USA)
"Clucky Knight" by Broderick Poling
Art Piece No.19 (JPN/PAL)
"Building Block Castle" by TOKKO
USA Art Gallery 020 JPN Art Gallery 020
Art Piece No.20 (USA)
"Corn-fed" by Bennie Bramlett Jr.
Art Piece No.20 (JPN/PAL)
"Bath Tree" by Yamamoto Thunder

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