"Uhh... I am Duvroc, I hope the whole world gets drunk. Now then...cheers!"
— King Duvroc
King Duvroc
King Duvroc
Sex Male
Ruler of Kingdom of The Jolly
Abilities Breathing Fire
Breathing Ice
Captured Princess Princess Bouquet

King Duvroc, is the easy going king of the Kingdom of The Jolly, and the second king, young Corobo fought. He is an alcoholic, drinking many bottles of beer, to the point where he is constantly drunk. He captured Princess Bouquet, and trapped her in a vase. His main rule in life is to have fun and get drunk which is suppose to cause peace and non violence. Pancho seems to agree with Duvroc's rule. However Corobo made sure that this rule should be changed as he viewed it as lazy, so he took over the Kingdom of the Jolly. He represents the Deadly Sin of Sloth.

Powers and Abilities

King Duvroc

King Duvroc

Duvroc has many breath attacks, including breathing ice and spewing fire. He can also vomit highly toxic vomit, which poisons anyone who touches it. Oniis also help him in the battle.

Personality and Traits

Duvorac loves to party and get drunk. He does this because he wants something exciting to happen. He is negligent and hates having duties and responsibilities.


King Duvroc 2

King Duvroc

  • Duvroc has a wife, shown when he says Honey! on his phone during a cutscene.
  • Duvroc also has a daughter, who is in fact Princess Bouquet. This is verified several times when Duvroc and Bouquet mention one another. Bouquet even makes a request that you tell her father, Duvroc, that she's doing well and that she misses him. Another hint they're related is Bouquet's name. While most people associate a bouquet with flowers, it's also a term used to describe the scent of wine, something which Duvroc adores.
  • Duvroc is one of the few kings you can revisit after he's been beaten. Still standing beneath the blossom tree, Duvroc will mumble random messages at you.
  • Duvroc makes an appearance in King Omelet's quiz.
  • According to the sketchpad in the end, Duvroc is based off of Corobo's uncle.