King Shishkebaboo
King Shishkebaboo
King Shishkebaboo
Sex Male
Ruler of Ripe Kingdom
Abilities Rolling
Gaining Weight
Captured Princess Princess Spumoni

King Shishkebaboo, AKA The Glutton of Versailles, is the plump king of the Ripe Kingdom, and the third or second king battled by Corobo. The battle takes place on a giant pinball field with Shishkebaboo as the ball. He may be French, due to his accent, frequent use of French and title "The Glutton of Versailles". He kidnapped Princess Spumoni and imprisoned her in a vase. His crown is unique because of the huge strawberry in it. He represents the sin of Gluttony.

He is defeated by a fork that impales him in the rear, sending the glutton flying off into the sky. When defeated, all his treats become Corobo's. His battle music is a remix of "La Campanella (Étude No. 3)."

Battle Strategy

The goal is to reduce King Shishebaboo to 50 kg then send him into a fork. To make him lose weight King Corobo must send his army on to the pinball field and hit King Shishkebaboo. If King Shishkebaboo gets pass King Corobo, he will eat sweets and gain weight. In the upper left hand corner there is a hole which turns Shiskebaboo into stone. Send miners in order to break it. The fork is behind a rock in the middle of the field which you break by using Shishkebaboo. It is recommended to have an army of people with high hit points preferably a mix of Grunt Soldiers and Miners although Miners are not necessary.

Personality and Traits

Shishkebaboo is a complete glutton and pig, but he still manages to be well mannered. Despite this he is still a bit arrogant, telling you to offer up gifts to him.


  • According to the drawing book at the end, King Shishkebaboo is based off of Corobo's teacher.
  • During the Space Stage you can see Shiskebaboo still going up into the air since you impaled him with the fork.
  • Sometime after defeating Shishkebaboo he sends you a letter saying he is still airborne; he tells you about a place with hidden treasure.
  • King Shishkebaboo is one of the only 4 character bosses who reappear in New Little King's Story. The other three are Onii King, King Dinnah and King Sauvage
  • The name Shishkebaboo contains shishkebab, which may be a reference to the fact that he gets impaled with a fork.