The Kingdom Plan is how King Corobo can build structures or pass decrees. The Kingdom Plan is held by Howser Oreganostein which Corobo can call him by ringing the bell from the throne.

Sometimes people (usually Savvy Merchants) will add items to the Kingdom Plan with Corobo if he allows them to see him.



These items allow for easier gameplay as well as bonus features.

Item Cost Description
Podium Placement 500,000 Erect a podium out in front of the castle. Used to gather your forces.
Modify Podium 3,100,000 The podium is now even better! Now you can summon specific citizens!
Alarm Clock
Jump Cannon 1,100,000 It's called the Kaboom Jump Cannon! Fly to anywhere in your kingdom!
Video Archive
Flower Appointee
School Donation 1
School Donation 2
School Donation 3
School Donation 4
School Donation 5
School Donation 6
School Donation 7

Power Up

These plans are for when Corobo goes outside of the kingdom.

Name Cost Description
Guard Badge x3 600,000 An additional 3 badges. Recruit up to 8 people!
Guard Badge x4 800,000 An additional 4 badges. Recruit up to 12 people!
Guard Badge x5 1,000,000 An additional 5 badges. Recruit up to 17 people!
Guard Badge x6
Guard Badge x7
Defense Formation 2,100,000 Train for a new formation "Guard!" It's a formation to guard the king!
Evade Formation 2,350,000 Train for a new formation "Evade!" Use it to avoid battles!
Rare Armor
Calisthenics Edict 1,880,000 Law that makes citizens exercise at night. Adds +1 Life to citizens
Dash Ordinance
Jumping Jack Edict
Give Crunchy Beans
Give Pow Beans
Give Muscle Beans

Castle Town

The first area that can be changed.

Name Cost Description
Farmhouse 90,000 You can train Hardworking Farmers. They specialize in excavating holes!
Guard House 100,000 You can train Grunt Soldiers! They specialize in battle!
Town Square 1,200,000 Set up a Suggestion Box to hear your citizens complaints and requests!
Soup Church 44,000 Build a church in the cemetery. You might be blessed by God!
Carpenter Hut 1,050,000 You can train Regular Carpenters. Now you can make bridges and stairs!
Red-Roof House 130,000 A groovy house with a red roof. You will gain 2 citizens!
Yellow-Roof House 280,000 A cool house with a yellow roof. You will gain 2 citizens!
Blue-Roof House 340,000 A banging house with a blue roof. You will gain 2 citizens!
Straw-Roof House 400,000 A bombdigity house with a straw roof. You will gain 2 citizens!

Grassland Town

Obtained after defeating Yvonne

Name Cost Description
Hunter Hut 4,500,000 You can train Animal Hunters. Attack enemies from afar!
Southern Village 1,600,000 Build a village in the south. You will gain 6 citizens!
Northern Village 970,000 Build a village in the north. You will gain 4 citizens!


Obtained after defeating Onii Man

Name Cost Description
Lumberjack Hut 3,800,000 You can train Buff Lumberjacks. Now you can demolish fallen trees!
Riverside Cabin 460,000 A residence built in the boonies. You will gain 2 citizens!
Floral Florist 800,000 The Kingdom Beautification Project suggests making a flowery kingdom!
Moon Harvest 1,210,000 A ranch with cute and shiny animals. You will gain 4 citizens!
Shopping Arcade 19,999,000 You can train Savvy Merchants. They can find hidden treasure!

Stone City

Obtained after defeating Clockwork Knight

Name Cost Description
Stonecutting Plant 7,480,000 You can train Buff Miners. Break through the largest of rocks!
Furniture Factory 4,550,000 You can train Mega Carpenters! Discover new things to build!
Stonecutter Village Create a village at the stonecutting facility. You will gain 4 citizens!

Soldier Town

Obtained after defeating

Name Cost Description
Veteran's Barracks
Uptight Residence
Lively Residence
Jolly Residence

Gourmet Town

Obtained after defeating

Name Cost Description
Culinary Academy 11,200,000 You can now train Gourmet Cooks. Chicken dishes are their specialty
Fruit Farm Village 2,200,000 Create a village with lots of apple trees. You will gain 2 citizens!
Gourmet Residence 3,200,000 A residence for gourmets. You will gain 2 citizens!

Royal City

Obtained after defeating Mush Bro

Name Cost Description
Royal School 5,000,000
Royal Florist 3,700,000
Culinary Academy 7,200,000
Royal Heights 3,050,000
Royal Terrace 3,110,000
Royal Place 3,330,000
Royal Hills 4,140,000
Royal Residence 4,230,000
Royal Tower 5,000,000

Glamour Town

Obtained after defeating

Name Cost Description
Marvelous Theater
Gorgeous Residence
Deluxe Residence

Miner's Town

Obtained after defeating

Name Cost Description
Giga Grinder
Rock Head Village
Machine Residence

Magical Land (Region)

Obtained after defeating

Name Cost Description
Let's Play! Panel
Magical Land (Area)

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