Little King's Story​ (王様物語, Ōsama Monogatari,? "King Story") is a simulation RPG co-developed by Town Factory and Cing for the Wii. The game was published by Marvelous Entertainment (MMV) worldwide, MMV USA and Xseed Games co-published it in North America and MMV subsidiary Rising Star Games published the game in Europe and Australia. The game was released on April 24, 2009, in Europe and Australia and July 21, 2009, in North America.

The player controls a timid young boy by the name of Corobo, who finds a magic crown that grants him the ability of king, of a small town called Alpoko.


The story starts with a lonely, timid boy playing with his puppets. He spots four rats, and chases them deep into the woods, where he finds a magic crown. He puts the crown on, and then he becomes ruler of the town Alpoko. He then meets Howser, Verde and Liam. They show him around the town of Alpoko, where Howser explains that the citizens of the town are lazy and need jobs. Corobo puts the lazy citizens to work, and they begin to collect treasures, in order to buy new jobs for the town, and additions to Alpoko. After defeating Cow Bones, Howser explains that they must conquer The World, so Alpoko can become the greatest country of all time.


It is similar to Pikmin in that Corobo has an army that does most of the work for him. Corobo can use the "C" button to attack while on field. The game is described as a mixture of action adventure and real time strategy.


Bosses Artwork

The Bosses (left, Jumbo Champloon, bottom left, King Shishkebaboo, top, Long Sauvage, right, Onii King, bottom right, King Omelet, bottom middle, TV Dinnah, between TV Dinnah and King Shishkebaboo, King Duvroc).

The bosses in the game, are all kings of different lands. Once Corobo beats them he takes over the land and gains a princess. They are:


There is a sequel titled New Little King's Story.


  • In the June 2012 Nintendo Power issue considers this game to be one of the top ten games for the Nintendo Wii.