"The entire world knows that to be great is to be tall."
— King Long Sauvage
Long Sauvage
Long Sauvage
Long Sauvage
Sex Male
Ruler of Tip Toe Kingdom
Subjects Mountie
Captured Princess Princess Ferne

Long Sauvage is the sixth boss in Little King's Story. He resided, and ruled the Tip Toe Kingdom atop the great mountain Sobamanjaro. He, along with King Omelet, are unique bosses due to the fact they are not battled directly. He and his people take great pride in their height.


Long Sauvage, is a bald man, that wears puffy pants and dark glasses. However, his beard was truly amazing, as it stretched all the way down Sobamanjaro. His crown is unique, because it is very very tall.


Long Sauvage isn't battled directly. Instead, Corobo must trek up Sobamanjaro, whilst Long Sauvage's beard, and other hazards halt his path. Mountie's attack Corobo and his troops, as well as Long Sauvage using his mighty beard as a weapon. There are checkpoints on the mountain, and when passed, don't allow you to get back. It is recommended that one takes Ripped Miners, as there are many rocks on the path. When Corobo reaches the top, his troops become a human ladder, and Sauvage gets so scared, he jumps out of his beard, and lands upside down, believing up is down, so losing is winning.


After this, you can find him up at the top of Sombamanjaro still upside down, he will talk backwards, and will be located here for the rest of the game. He also takes part in quest for Ferne's final jewel, which he has in his hands. You have to chase him until your men can touch him and he will give up the jewel.

Personality and Traits

Long Sauvage is notably arrogant and prideful, believing himself to be the greatest because he is the tallest and has the longest beard. Long Sauvage can't imagine someone being better than he is. This is all ironic because he is actually a fraud; his beard is fake and he is secretly standing on a chair.


  • According to the sketchpad, Long Sauvage is based on Corobo's neighbor who thinks he is great because of his height. This makes Long Sauvage (and in fact most of the kings) as the real Corobo's immature fantasy of demonizing and marginalizing the various adults who have gotten under the small child's skin (as most children have such fantasies).

• Out of the Seven Deadly Sins, despite his arrogance and pride, he is Lust. The only indicator is that he is at the top of a mountain. In Dante's Divine Comedy, in Purgatory, the lustful are at the top of the mountain.