Magical Land
Magical Land
Magical Land Kingdom Plan Image
Kingdom Alpoko
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Magical Land

Magical Land is a region in Alpoko. The Magical District is the 9th District you obtain, after defeating the Mush Geezer.


The Magical Land, is a park or fair for magical citizens. Magical Land is North of Royal City, and it connects to Tip Toe Kingdom and Sombmanjaro, by a bridge. The houses are dimensionally flat, due to the magical nature of the district. There is also the infamous bathroom containing an Art Piece. There is also a tons of Jack-O-Lanterns littering the District. A paved colorful path leads to a plaza containing the image of a wizard's hat. Eventually a citizen will come to your Castle and inform of you of sightings of a Wizard in Magical Land. If you enter Magical Land after 12:00 AM, after this event occurs. You may encounter the Rainbow Wizard, who you can add your Royal Guard.

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