Marble Dragon
Marble Dragon
Marble Dragon
Life 300
Location Jolly Kingdom (East)
UMA Book Description The legendary fire-breathing UMA.

Marble Dragon, is a huge red dragon, that resides in an enclosed area, to the west of The Kingdom of The Jolly. It is fairly easy, as long as one dodges it. It's primary attacks are, ramming Corobo's troops, or spewing fire. There is only one in the entire game. Sometimes, Onii carry parts of the dragon around, as weapons. There is also a smaller version called a Mini Dragon.

There are many different kinds of dragons that are basically palette swaps of the Marble Dragon, including a Reborn Dragon in a cage; and a Blue Dragon, the leader of the guardians.


Marble Dragon

Some citizens attacking a Marble Dragon.

  • There are Onii who carry marble dragon body parts such as heads, feet, and tails to attack. The head breathes fire, the tail swipes, and the foot charges and stomps.
  • The Marble Dragons, along with Giant Frogs, are the only large enemies who are not truly Guardian's like Cow Bones.
  • The reason the dragon, like the others, sounds like an elephant is because the boy don't know how a dragon is supposed to sound, so the dragons sound like the biggest creature the kid has ever heard.