Mush Bro
Mush Bro
Mush Bro
Life 50
Location Mushroom Forest
UMA Book Description Poisonous and can move under the earth.

Mush Bro is the guardian of the mushroom forest and the third guardian to face in the game.


Mush Bro looks like a regular Mush Man, albeit a little larger. He also has some of the same attacks such as charging. And like most guardians, he is territorial.


Mush Bro can burrow into the ground, and appear underneath you, the number of times he will go back in the ground will increase as the battle goes on, attack him after he is done. When you attack mush bro for a while his cap will start growing, use the evade formation as mushy will only go after the king with his spin attack. After he is done spinning switch to attack or defence formation and avoid his charge attack. He will then start the process over.

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