Mush Geezer
Mush Geezer
Mush Geezer
Life 70
Location Shade Forest
UMA Book Description Elder mushroom. Spawns other Mush Men.

The Mush Geezer is the guardian of Shade Forest, and is an elderly, large mushroom. It has a white cap, and constantly spawns Mush Men. It stays in the same spot, instead turning around to attack. It also has large bushy eyebrows, and a wrinkled stem. It can do a headbutt attack, that causes a ripple of earth, to fly forwards. It also has a devastating attack, in which, it enlarges it's cap, slams it onto the ground, killing anything underneath it- citizens and Mush Men alike. However, it is fairly easy to kill, with a group of 20 or more soldiers.


  • There are smaller variants of the Mush Geezer, which are less powerful.
  • The PAL instruction booklet of the game, incorrectly names a Mush Man, a Mush Geezer.


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