Onii Bride
Onii Bride
Onii Bride
Life 500
Location Dark Valley
UMA Book Description Onii single mother. Eats humans alive.

The Onii Bride, is a humongous Onii, that guards a piece of the Flying Machine, in a hole in the Onii Grounds.


The Onii Bride, looks like a large Onii, with inorganic arms, and no legs. It also has a bun on it's head, and earrings.


The Onii Bride, has a lot of health, and it takes an extremely long amount of time to kill. It constantly spawns Onii's, which are easy to kill. When agitated, it leaps into the air, and pounds the ground, creating a shock wave of tremendous power. However, with Cupid's Bow, it is less difficult, due to it being stunned constantly.


  • Many fans dub the Onii Bride, the 'Onii Queen' because it is in the Onii Grounds, which is were the Onii King once lived, and it is a bride, which would probably mean, it would be married to the Onii King.
  • She does not have visible horns.