Oniion Ring
Oniion Ring
Oniion Ring
Life 12
Location Jolly Kingdom
UMA Book Description An Onii good at hooping.

An Oniion Ring is an Onii with a hula hoop that is shaped like an onion ring. The first one can probably be found on the path to the Onii King hula hooping around a rock.


The best way to kill a Oniion Ring is with an Animal Hunter, since the hula hoop makes melee attacks almost useless. If Corobo destroys the item an Oniion Ring guarding, it will stop hula hooping and charge at Corobo's army, leaving it vulnerable to attack.


1. The Oniion Ring just spins its hoop doing damage to attacking citizens.

2. The Oniion Ring charges at Corobo's army (note: this only applies if the Oniion Ring is enraged).


  • The Oniion Ring probably is called that because of the onion ring colored hula hoop.
  • Oniion Ring can be found if Corobo accepts the Fried Federation quest.