Primetime Kingdom
Primetime Kingdom Entrance
The entrance to the Primetime Kingdom
Ruler TV Dinnah
Princess Princess Kokomo
Regions Public Broadcast Tower
Screw-Loose Isles

The Primetime Kingdom is the fifth kingdom explored by Corobo. It's inhabitants are couch potatoes, constantly watching the television. Their king, and broadcasting manager TV Dinnah, along with his helpers the Broadcasters broadcast a hypnotic signal to enslave the inhabitants, forcing them to watch TV. The Primetime Broadcast system is where all the TV signals originate from and is located where TV Dinnah is found. There is also a TV Maze located here when entered Corobo loses his army and has to go through the maze locating them and recruiting them. The God TV is located here as well and requires a broadcaster to obtain.



The music is a remix of "Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin.

Little King's Story Soundtrack--Primetime Kingdom

Little King's Story Soundtrack--Primetime Kingdom

Primetime Kingdom's music