Princess Corina
Portrait of Princess Corina
Sex Female
Support Skill Fires a laser to help guide Corobo
Voice Actor Ikue Ōtani

Princess Corina (コリーナ Korīna, Corina) is a new character introduced in New Little King's Story. She is a high tech, sophisticated humanoid robot who serves as Corobo's guard.

She may be the counterpart of Princess Martel


New Little King's Story

Corina has lavender hair with two-tone eyes shone in a gradient of magenta to a yellowish-orange. Her hair is shoulder-length and she has a horned mechanism to represent her ears. She wears a white leotard with two floating mechanisms circling around her like an armored skirt. Her mechanisms are blue and purple in color with lighted panels. She is wearing over-the-knee tights and knee-high armored boots.



Princess Corina is a female given name from the Greek, Κοριννα, which was derived from κορη meaning "maiden".

Name Meaning
Japanese コリーナ


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