Princess Iris
Portrait of Princess Iris
Sex Female
Voice Actor Ryōko Shiraishi

Princess Iris (イリス Irisu, Iris) is a new character introduced in New Little King's Story.

She may be the counterpart of Princess Ferne.



  • Official Website: Iris. VA: Ryōko Shiraishi. A princess who is fond of alcohol. She is quite a stylish lady.


New Little King's Story Princess Iris has long, hip-length red hair with blue eyes. She wears a brown one-buttoned jacket over a tight blue shirt and brown shorts. Her outfit is complete with straps, elbow pads, long fingerless gloves, plated brass knuckles, and long boots. She is wearing abstract beaded jewelry, studded bracelets, and a black belt.


Princess Iris is a female given name from the Greek, Ιρις, meaning "rainbow".

Name Meaning
Japanese イリス

Gallerysengoku champion

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