Princess Medal
Princess Kokomo Pine
Princess Medal
Princess Kokomo
Portrait of Princess Kokomo Pine
Sex Female
Located Primetime Kingdom
Job Princess
Freed From TV Dinnah
Special Quest Humming
"Like, dohraymefasola! I want to get better at singing! Will you listen, my King? ♪"
— Princess Kokomo Pine

Princess Kokomo Pine (ココモパイン姫 Kokomo Pain Hime, Princess Cocomo Pine) is one of the princesses that King Corobo can marry.


Princess Kokomo Pine is the fifth princess that Corobo will save. You can free her by smashing the vase she is trapped inside after defeating TV Dinnah in Primetime Kingdom. Kokomo Pine is into pop culture and speaks like a valley girl. Her special quest for Corobo is to find the Songs the people are humming and record them for her.


  • Official Website: Kokomo Pine's naturally cheerful personality is like circling a field of alpine flowers. She is the outstanding singing and dancing idol princess! She has the tendency to say "like" in her sentences. Whenever Kokomo Pine is happy, the flowers in her hairband will start to bloom!
  • Official Guidebook: Oh? Brother? Like, where art thou? You gotta get to the PT Kingdom and stuff! I'm Kokomo Pine! I want to be your princess! Like, dohraymefasola! The totally awesome singing and dancing idol princess!


Princess Kokomo Pine has curly, yellowish-green hair and green eyes. Her hair is tied up in two messy bunches, her hairband is made of four fruits and two flower buds. She is wearing a purple tube top with a petal-like white collar. Her pink skirt is decorated with blue bows and two blue flowers.


  • Kokomo's verbal tic in the Japanese version is saying 「~ナ」 ("right?") at the end of her sentences. This was translated into her speaking in valley girl slang in the English version.
  • Kokomo is TV Dinnah's younger sister.
  • Kokomo's stamp is of a flower.
  • The ending credits imply that Kokomo is inspired by a counter server Corobo met at a fast food restaurant.


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