Princess Sakura
Portrait of Princess Sakura
Sex Female
Voice Actor Chiwa Saitō

Princess Sakura (さくら Sakura, Sakura) is a new character introduced in New Little King's Story.

She is a dignified shrine maiden who is firm on her beliefs. Sakura places great importance on etiquette and loves flowers. She is the ideal personification of a Japanese woman.


New Little King's Story

Princess Sakura has long black hair with purple eyes. She has on a white headband adorned with a bouquet of cherry blossoms with two small red shide hanging off the side. Sakura wears a traditional shrine maiden uniform consisting of a waist-high, pleated red skirt tied with a bow and a white haori. She has on wooden sandals with a red strap.


Princess Sakura is a name of an ornamental cherry blossom tree and its blossoms indigenous to many Asian states. Sakura is also a Japanese female given name.

Name Meaning
Japanese さくら


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