The rats are four rodents in Little King's Story. They first appeared in the intro, showing that they were destroying Corobo's box theater. Corobo chases them away, stumbling on the Magic Crown in the process. They are also in the little king's castle at night, roaming around and acting more behaved. Verde seems to dislike them and panics when they are around. They also push over Liam when he is scared during the night. Their last appearance are as the final bosses for the game. In the cutscene before the final battle, they were stunned by a whistle. They have been seen as cute small creatures and scary huge monsters. Each represents one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse; Conquest, War, Famine an Death.

The Rats

There are four known rats:

  • Blue Rat: Most likely the fastest, this rat does charges at Corobo's army. It can also grab your people and instantly kill them if you do not react fast enough.
  • Yellow Rat: This one farts and shoots poop that explodes.
  • Red Rat: Probably the most aggressive, this rat charges and makes shock waves, is fought right before the king rat.
  • Rat King: The largest and most powerful of the rats. This one has all of the other rat's attacks and can also eat your people, which can send out projectiles from the person's body. An example is the hardened soldier, in which he shoots out his helmet and armor.

Small rats appear in Alpoko Castle with the same colors. They appear to push over Liam.