Savvy Merchant Icon
Savvy Merchant
Savvy Merchant Icon
Savvy Merchant Info
Savvy Merchant
Cost to train 1500,000 Bol
Skills Opening Purses
Finding Treasure
"These guys live for tracking down hidden treasure. Just having one in your party will guarantee the discovery of hidden holes filled with valuable treasure. They're also the only ones that can open giant purses. But real work is beneath them. That's all I have to say about them."
— Liam
Savvy Merchant Icon

Savvy Merchants are a class of Jobs in Little King's Story. Savvy Merchants appear in Farmland. Savvy Merchants can open large purses usually containing treasure and find secret holes that contain gold and sometimes UMA. Savvy Merchants will sometimes come to the castle to add things to the Kingdom Plan. Sometimes the merchants will give Corobo items when he talks to them.


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