Sobamanjaro Icon
Sobamanjaro Icon
Sobamanjaro Summit
Sobamanjaro Summit
Kingdom Tip Toe Kingdom
Characteristics Mountainous, Volcano
UMA Fierce Owls, Escargoo, Cockadoodledoos

Sobamanjaro is the large mountain at the center of the Tip Toe Kingdom .


Sombamanjaro is the Tallest Mountain in the World at 487 feet, but is later implyed to be an active volcano that erupts during the Rat King Boss Battle. Sobamanjaro is the stage for the Long Sauvage Battle, who's beard covers the majority of the mountain. There is also a cavern, which is only accessible during the Boss Fight. The Cavern is maze-like and features a number of forks in the path, in which Corobo must go through the correct path in order to proceed. There are also giant boulders of fluff that bounce down the mountain, and Mountie that will attempt fire incediary rounds at the young king as well. Sobamanjaro is inhabited by Long Sauvage, Mounties, Fierce Owls, Escargoos, and Cockadoodledoes. There is also a large number of diggable holes with a bellow of smoke coming out of them, and only after a Mountie becomes a citizen of Alpoko you can dig them up for Art and Treasures. After Corobo defeat Long Sauvage, Sobamanjaro becomes a Natural Reserve, and the Hiking Club led by Uncle Tim has set up a telescope at the top. Corobo can also encounter the tiny upside down, Long Sauvage here as well.


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