Songs are tunes sung by citizens throughout the Kingdom of Alpoko between 10 pm to midnight. If a citizen is humming and spinning then it is a song that Corobo has not collected yet. These songs are part of Princess Kokomo's special quest, since she could not remember how a song she wanted to sing went. There are a total of 30 songs and are remixes from classical music.


# 1 Brace Yourself!

Brace Yourself!

A relaxing tune. It can help you forget about your numerous failings and make you think there's hope after all. Hope without surgery, that is.

# 2 Camellia Hag's Song

Camellia Hag's Song

A tune born from an inexplicable head growth. It's the song an old hag with a flower growing out of her noggin was humming on Tripoli's shores.

# 3 Brave New World

Brave New World

A tune about the universe. Explore the great unknown... From the big bang to the restaurant at the end, it'll pass the time but you'll never finish it...

# 4 Probably a Bolero

Probably a Bolero

When you listen to this tune, you'll forget you have two left feet. And no rhythm. And any dignity left. Truly a dangerous song.

# 5 Fee Fi Fo Hum Walk

Fee Fi Fo Hum Walk

A great tune to exercise to. Inhale with the "Fee" and "Fo" while walking and you'll shed those pounds faster than a model with great gag reflex!

# 6 I Like Food!

I Like Food!

A tune for after a meal. It comes out naturally after some delicious spam, or soylent green, or balut. So much deliciousness...

# 7 Tadah!


My song that I think I might remember. But listening to it derails my train of thought. The thought of... Wait, what?

# 8 Springtime for Bozos

Springtime for Bozos

A tune for spring. With the weather warming, there are people that dance naked. But it's okay because it's spring.

# 9 How Much Art?

How Much Art

A gentlemanly tune. This is identical to a tune that a weird artist was humming during an exhibition in Avignon. He had a ladle for a hat.

# 10 March of the Lost

March of the Lost

It's a tune that'll get you lost. Many have never returned after humming it, and if they did it was too late because we sold their stuff.

# 11 Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata

Song that tells the story of a werewolf and its adventures in London with a rubber duck.

# 12 I Want That

I Want That

Tune for when you're in trouble. You're on the toilet and you're out of paper. You need help... Now sing this tune.

# 13 At My Job

At My Job

Song for women of glamour and fame, although I toil in the secretary pool at a failing insurance company.

# 14 Tom's Restaurant

Tom's Restaurant

Tune about being hungry. This is the sad story of a man that lost his lunch. By lost I mean borrowed. And by borrowed I really mean eaten. By me.

# 15 Eggan of the Past

Eggan of the Past

Famous tune of the Eggan civilization. I must've caught the waves of the ancient ritual by telepathy. I sing it every day for the men in white coats.

# 16 Green Jelly

Green Jelly

A song about moms who serve flavored gelatin for dessert. Really ends with an "o", but the company won't get the joke.

# 17 Twinkle Twinkle Star

Twinkle Twinkle Star

A tune about UFOs. I caught this brain wave at night with lots of people while looking at the sky. I seem to have lost an hour somewhere, though...

# 18 Pastorale


A song of the dusk. The owner of the Café Beethoven gets sentimental whenever he hears this tune.

# 19 Wish


The one singing it didn't know it was going to be the first day of his last day.

# 20 Fostering Gang Wars

Fostering Gang Wars

Tune that celebrates pride and honor. This is what Bugsy Malone was humming before being "splurged."

# 21 You're Cala-mine

You're Cala-mine

A song of anti-itch. I'm itching early in the morning and have an earnest wish for it to stop. It's that kind of tune.

# 22 Cut and Run

Cut and Run

This is a cursed song. The vengeful song of a bride that got left at the altar. Men, you should watch your back.

# 23 Insomniac Lullaby

Insomniac Lullaby

A lullaby. But it's also a stimulating song because the one singing it ends up not being able to sleep.

# 24 Address Unknown

Address Unknown

A song for the lowly mailman. When he can't make out the address, he'll sing this song out of desperation. Seems to just attract dogs though.

# 25 Jovial Ganymede

Jovial Ganymede

Song of empty lives. People of Jupiter sing this when they pretend to be happy. They're masters at faking happiness!

# 26 Hi, You're Dead

Hi, You're Dead

Song of separation. This song is used to bid farewell to the souls of the lost.

# 27 Nostalgia


A happy-go-lucky tune. Like the man who sold candy when you were a child. Everything was so much better then.

# 28 Tipopo's Rhapsody

Tipopo's Rhapsody

A legendary tune. The master hummer Tipopo's tunes have been revived. By the way, who in the heck is Tipopo?

# 29 Hope this is Goodbye

Hope this is Goodbye

A love song written by a forlorn manager at a failing car company. It's about the nightmare that is being in love.

# 30 This is Destiny

This is Destiny

A forgotten song. Songs are my friends. That's why I want everyone to listen to my songs. Now let's all sing!

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