TV Dinnah
TV Dinnah
Sex Male
Ruler of Primetime Kingdom
Subjects Broadcaster
Abilities TV Attack
Hiding Underground
Captured Princess Princess Kokomo

TV Dinnah is the former king of the Primetime Kingdom. He has a TV for a head, which shows a large, single eye. He also makes the citizens of the world watch the TV, by turning his eye into a hypnotizing swirl that will make the people's minds and eyes view his channel. He leads the the citizens of the Primetime Kingdom; the Broadcasters. He eventually gets defeated by Corobo and his eye turns into a error screen with a dancing person with a fan on the error screen. If his kingdom is visited again, the giant television screen shows him calling out in fear and confusion about being in a dark lonely place with no one else. He makes his final appearance when the huge earthquake happens and he gives you the news on what is happening to the world. According to Pancho TV Dinnah enjoys the suffering of others. Despite his desire of everyone to be a couch potato, TV Dinnah represents the sin of Greed. The only reason why he wants them to watch TV is so that he can send them bills, earning him more money. His letter is a notice that Corbo hasn't been paying his TV bills, even though he doesn't have one.


TV Dinnah 2

King TV Dinnah

TV Dinnah will hide underground, so bring around 4 Hardworking Farmers, 1 Savvy Merchant (optional) and the rest of your team should be Grunt Soldiers or Hardened Soldiers. You must use the clues he gives to find the country he is hiding in, and dig him up. You must then attack him, and continue the sequence 4 or 5 times. The last few times, he will give you a fake lead, and you must wait until you are sure it is a real lead. If you choose the wrong country, you must avoid a TV channel attack; such as the Baby Channel, when milk will squirt from the ground, the Cooking Channel, with giant knives dropping from the sky, the Sports Channel, with giant baseballs bouncing around, or the Sci-Fi Channel, with a UFO trying to abduct you.

In New Little King's Story, TV Dinnah's battle is much different. In the beginning of the battle, The King, his subjects, and TV Dinnah will all be sucked into the giant TV behind him. From there, the battle will carry on like a side-scrolling marathon, where TV Dinnah will move ahead towards the exit while the King and his subjects slowly follow. In order to defeat him, you must use the touch screen commands to sent your subjects towards the onii that will slowly move to attack your group. Luckily, the Oni can be easily defeated by one hit from one of your subject, or from your sword. When you get close enough to TV Dinnah, he will summon a giant bomb and attempt to throw it at you. To avoid this, simply send as many subjects as quickly as you can to attack TV Dinnah. If they successfully perform enough damage, then Dinnah will accidentally throw the bomb straight up into the air, and end up being blown away from the blast himself when it hits the ground, where you will then begin chasing him again. Repeat this process to defeat TV Dinnah quickly, and do not allow him to reach the exit, or it will be game over.


  • His appearance is similar to the "Telly Heads" monsters from The Roar, a book by Emma Clayton.
  • His name sounds like "TV Dinner"
  • When he talks about where he is in the world, he says "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the World" This is a reference to the Book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.
  • He seems to exist only as a TV signal, never appearing in person and all interactions with him take place in his TV world.
  • Given he is depicted as an evil king who uses mind control, the real Corobo likely doesn't think much of people who watch TV or possible had a friend or knew someone who was a coach potato, or possibly that he believes the media is used to brainwash people.
  • TV Dinnah makes multiple references to "Big Brother" from George Orwell's book 1984. This inlcudes when he says "War is Peace, Peace is War." This also includes that fact that an eye appears on his screen saying "I am looking at you looking at me...", which makes reference to how Big Brother watches people, via television.