The World is the Box theater that is seen in the opening scene. It appears to be very small in the beginning of the game, but later it shows the area across the river where the Onii reside. After beating the Onii King, it expands to show all of the Dark Valley. The World then undergoes its final expansion, unveiling it's truly massive form. Eventually, the World comes under the rule of Alpoko, the kingdom you're the king of. The World is home to everything that occurs in the game, except the earthquakes, which, according to Skinny Ray, come from a source beyond it.

Areas in the World


The kingdom that the king is the ruler of. It is extremely small at first but expands as you progress, beat the guardians, and conquer kingdoms to become the Kingdom that controls the whole world. Alpoko is home to all your citizens. It is where you return home to after a day of exploring. It is home to 3 ministers: Howser, Liam, and Verde, Kampbell: The Priest, Skinny Ray, Pancho the Cow, and Corobo.

Onii Kingdom

The Onii Kingdom is a large amount of land that is ruled by the Onii King. It is directly south of Alpoko and is the first new kingdom visited. The main part of it is the Dark Valley, that is filled with hundreds of Onii. The Onii Kingdom gets turned into the Dark Valley Natural Reserve after the king has taken over the Onii King. Many of the Onii disappear and the land is left to other dangerous wildlife.

Kingdom of the Jolly

The Kingdom of the Jolly is home to the wild party animals and King Duvroc. It is located right in front of the Bony Tunnel Entrance, that is located just South-West of Alpoko. In this kingdom, everyone parties and does nothing else but that. The ruler King Duvroc thinks that the world should all get drunk so that everyone would be having a great time and they would all live without worry. After the king defeats King Duvroc, he then leaves to go back to his wife, while the Jolly Kingdom gets turned into a Natural Reserve. King Duvroc then later comes back, only to sit down where he was just partying by himself, while trying to not get drunk.

Ripe Kingdom

The Ripe Kingdom is located just opposite to the Kingdom of the Jolly. Its ruler, the big-boned King Shishkebaboo, is a very fat king that does nothing but eat all the time. The whole kingdom is full of food and the only inhabitant is the King. After a game of pinball with the large king, he is shot into a large fork that then sends him flying into the air. The kingdom then becomes a Forest Cafeteria and natural reserve, so everyone can enjoy the food there.

Worrywart Kingdom

The Worrywart Kingdom is located west of Alpoko. It can be accessed via the Skull Plains just north of the Boney Tunnel Entrance. It is a kingdom with many trees and in the center, is a giant mutli-shelled egg. Inside is the King Omelet, a king that worries and questions everything that is put towards him. After breaking the egg you will come face to face with King Omelet. He would just question you and ask you to leave. After beating this kingdom, it will become the Eggan Civilization Ruins, available for people to vist and look at. Apart from that, the land would remain how it was. King Omelet would remain in the egg reading books while the king is out taking over the world.

Primetime Kingdom

The Primetime Kingdom is located directly north of the Worrywart Kingdom. Like the Worrywart Kingdom, it can be accessed via the Skull Plains. It is the most technologically advanced kingdom in the game and is home to the giant television communication tower that broadcasts channels to all the TV's in the kingdom. The ruler, TV Dinnah, is the leader and the creator of the TV and all the channels. He hosts all of them in underground channels. After defeating the king the area will become a Public Broadcast Tower for the citizens of Alpoko (That now get TV's in their homes). TV Dinnah still remains there however, just managing the channels under Alpoko's rule.

Tip Toe Kingdom

The Tip Toe Kingdom is a large and high mountain that is located just north of Alpoko and North-East of the Primetime Kingdom. Like the two previous kingdoms, this can be accessed by a series of routes that are just east of the Skull Plains. The kingdom is ruled by Long Sauvage, a king that believes that all tall people are the greatest, and the taller you are - the better. During the time trying to take over, the king must climb to the top of the mountain to meet the king, and to team up with the soldiers to be taller than him. After the kingdom has been taken over, it will be renamed Sobamanjaro.

New Island

New Island is the most complex and the last of the kingdoms in the game. It is located East of Alpoko and South-East of the Tip Toe Kingdom. The thing that makes this kingdom different than all the others, is that it has not been finished! The land itself just looks like normal land, but there is junk and construction materials almost everywhere! Onii live there and so do pencils, Craftians and other drawing equipment. The ruler, Jumbo Champloon, is a what seems to be a giant eraser, with many more bits of trash stuck to it. Like the Craftians, it speaks jibberish. After defeating the giant 'thing', the land gets named the New Island Park. A place that still needs to be finished by the citizens of Alpoko.

Other Areas

Not all areas are in kingdoms. There are some areas in the game that are not connected to kingdoms.

Skull Plains

A dead plain full of evil and darkness. It can be accessed via the Bony Tunnel and is north of the Ripe Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Jolly. From here, you can get to the WorryWart Kingdom, the Primetime Kingdom and the Tip Toe Kingdom. The Skull Plains is home to many gold and new UMA. It is here where you will find most of the UMA in the game.


Over-there-Beach is a small beach just east of Alpoko. The only use for the beach is that you may find citizens in the beach after they have died. Mr. M and citizens on dates can be found here at night. The beach can also be used as a route from Alpoko to New Island.


According to a sign near the area, if you would go straight forward out into the sea, you will arrive in a dead place that could be similar to hell. Citizens of Alpoko often wash up on the shore of Over-There Beach, as the sign implies, these citizens are coming back from a place equivalent an after life. But something to note is that residents of other kingdoms don not appear on the shore after death.