Thunderbird is a giant blue bird that appears in New Little King's Story as the boss in place of King Omelet, guarding Princess Shizuka. He is inspired by the mythological creature by the same name in Native American culture.


Thunderbird's attacks involve charging in a straight line, or summoning lightning to attack the King and his subjects. If the King stays too close to Thunderbird while it isn't vulnerable, it will summon bursts of lightning from the sky that will slowly follow the King wherever he goes, noted by the glow that appears beneath the King's feet. After taking enough damage, Thunderbird will be enveloped in electricity and damage anyone who touches it. Eventually, it will cry out and release the electricity into the sky, which will create lightning in a pattern around the Thunderbird.

It is highly recommended that you bring mostly soldiers into this battle and avoid bringing any princesses with you(As they will move slowly and be very susceptible to being hit by lightning). Throughout the battle, Thunderbird will be flying just above the reach of most of your subjects, making it nearly impossible to attack using anyone besides soldiers. When being targeted by lightning, it is highly recommended you use the defense formation if purchased, and run away from glow that appears beneath your feet.

To effectively attack Thunderbird, send soldiers to begin the assault. After dealing enough damage, Thunderbird will be grounded, allowing you and the rest of your subjects to attack it. When Thunderbird is enveloped in electricity, run as far as you can (preferably into one of the open end circular areas in the stage) and simply wait.

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