Tip Toe Kingdom
Tip Toe Kingdom Entrance
The entrance to the Tip Toe Kingdom
Ruler Long Sauvage
Princess Princess Ferne
Subjects Mountie
Terrain Mountain
Regions Sobamanjaro

The Tip Toe Kingdom is the second to last kingdom explored by Corobo. It's inhabitants are the Mountie, along with their leader, Long Sauvage. Think it is great to be tall and people who are not tall are not great, and they are quite arrogant about it.

The music is from Mahler's Symphony No. 1 "Titan."


Most of Tip Toe Kingdom is based off around the Volcanic Mountain Sobamanjaro, which Long Savage sits on top of. There is also a small area at the base of the Mountain where the Mounties gather. Here, one Mountie imply the 5 Tenants of Tall Mountain, making the other Mounties stretch. The 5th Tenant is not based on the other 4 Tenants at all. There is also a small area right outside the Mountain where a Jump Cannon and the Path to New Island is located, it also connects to Magical Land in Alpoko. Finally after conquering the kingdom, the billboard falls down after accepting a God Quest, revealing the way to a Mushroom Forest contain all three types of Mushroom UMA. After defeating Long Sauvage, Somamanjaro turns into a observatory where the upside down Long Sauvage is located. Located at the peak is a telescope that is apparently so far up, you can see the "Real World" from it.

The 5 Tenants of Tall Mountain

Little King's Story Soundtrack--Tiptoe Kingdom (It's a Stretch)

Little King's Story Soundtrack--Tiptoe Kingdom (It's a Stretch)

Tiptoe Kingdom's music