Life 200
Location ???
UMA Book Description Take it out with arrows. Cattle, beware!

The UFO is a boss in Little King's Story. It appears after you accept a letter in the suggestion box written in leet, titled "N1c3 K1ngd0m!" It also appears during the battle with TV Dinnah on the discovery channel, and also crashed UFO's appear scattered throughout the kingdom with abducted animals. There is also a miniboss fight that appears in suggestion letters, known as "Team 22nd Century," which consists of an Onii Metal and a UFO, without a time limit. Finally, it makes one last appearance when flying into space at the end, in which a very large UFO hovers at the top of the screen while enemies fly at you. They always speak in l33t.


The UFO is disc-like with lights on the lower segment, and a green beacon on top.




The UFO is almost impossible to kill without Animal Hunters, because while it lands sometimes, it is incredibly rare, and you will not have nearly enough time to defeat it in a five second time period. There is also a three minute timer, resulting in an instant "Run Away" if time runs out. During battle, it flies overhead, makes headless cows appear, and abducts citizens. If it abducts a citizen, it decreases their health to 1, which makes them a weak elder and also means that a single cow can charge through and kill several citizens at once. The cows only charge, and while there may be large amounts of them attacking at once, they only have 1 health, and can be defeated instantly with even the weakest attack. Once the UFO is brought to the ground, it should be swarmed with citizens. When defeated, it will catch fire and fly away, leaving the kingdom.

Animal abduction

After Corobo gets the diamond egg for Shizuka, she gets abducted by a UFO. The next day, Shizuka has a quest for Corobo to find the missing animals. She says the UFOs took them, but crashed due to the sky shaking. Corobo has to look around for the crashed UFOs and attack them. The UFOs will not attack back and will give up the animals they stole.