Weapons are one of the Treasure items that can be found.

Bamboo Sword Power UP Win two games of table tennis
Bamboo Sword Icon
Battleaxe Power UP Buy from Traveling Merchant
Battleaxe Icon
Bin Bow Power UP In a trash can in Soldier Town
Bin Bow Icon
Cupid's Bow Might stun enemy Soup Church after first marriage
Cupid's Bow Icon
Dried Squid Power UP Defeat Pancho at table tennis
Dried Squid Icon
Drumstick Power UP Skull Plains near Boney Tunnel
Drumstick Icon
Legendary Axe Ups Attack! Defeat the bear at Forest Field Day
Legendary Axe Icon
Legendary Bow Ups Attack!
Legendary Bow Icon
Legendary Mallet Ups Attack! Skull Plains, north of Jump Cannon
Legendary Mallet Icon
Legendary Spear Ups Attack! Dropped by the Marble Dragon
Legendary Spear Icon
Legendary Staff Ups Attack! Dropped by the Giant Zoeter
Legendary Staff Icon
Magical Girl Wand Might stun enemy Appears in Magical Land
Magical Girl Wand Icon
Parasol Might stun enemy Dark Valley peninsula
Parasol Icon
Pillow Might stun enemy Complete N1c3 K1ngd0m
Pillow Icon
Plastic Hammer Might stun enemy Defeat the rabbit at Forest Field Day
Plastic Hammer Icon
Rabbit Sword Might stun enemy Defeat the brown pig at Forest Field Day
Rabbit Sword Icon
Robin's Bow Power UP In a treasure chest held by an Onii between the Skull Plains and Sobamanjaro
Robin's Bow Icon
Rolled Newspaper Power UP In a trash can by the Shopping Arcade
Rolled Newspaper Icon
Skull Staff Power UP Behind the Soup Church at night
Skull Staff Icon
Toy Axe None Speak to the first recruited Savvy Merchant
Toy Axe Icon
Toy Bow None Bring Ginger five Art Pieces
Toy Bow Icon
Toy Mallet None In a trash can in Soldier Town
Toy Mallet Icon
Toy Spear None Bring Ginger five Art Pieces
Toy Spear Icon
Toy Staff None Former Onii Grounds after defeating the Onii Man
Toy Staff Icon
Toy Sword None Bring Ginger five Art Pieces
Toy Sword Icon
Triangular Ruler Power UP
Triangular Ruler Icon
Wood Sword Power UP Buy Special: Weapons Research from the traveling merchant
Wood Sword Icon
Wooden Mallet Power UP Under a Cockadoodledo on Sunflower Plains near the Melon Patch
Wooden Mallet Icon

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