Worker Onii (Tail)
Worker Onii (Tail)
Worker Onii (Tail)
Life 40
Location New Island
UMA Book Description Onii transporting a dragon's tail.

Worker Onii (Tail) is an Regular Onii carrying a Marble Dragon's tail.


The Worker Onii (Tail) is four regular Oniis carrying a Marble Dragon's tail, the tail could be a fake tail, or it could be a real Marble Dragon Tail.


The Worker Onii (Tail) attacks your Royal Guard, by swiping and spinning the tail to hit your Royal Guard. Keep your distance when its begins to spin your tail, trying to make contact with your citizens. Any of your citizens hit by the the tail will be sent flying away and be killed instantly. Once the tail stops swinging the oniis become dizzy. The Onii Worker (Tail), may use a weaker attack by poking its tail out, but don't count on it. Always try to stun the Onii Worker (Tail) from a distance before going in to attack.