Worrywart Kingdom
Worrywart Kingdom Entrance
The entrance to the Worrywart Kingdom
Ruler King Omelet
Princess Princess Shizuka
Regions Eggan Civilization Ruins

The Worrywart Kingdom is the fourth kingdom explored by Corobo, and is first accessed via Skull Plains. Worrywart Kingdom is led by King Omelet, who constantly worries and asks questions. The kingdom's citizens, the Eggans, are also known to worry and ask questions like their leader. The center of the land is a small grove that features a large egg, which is where Omelet resides. After King Omelet is defeated, this area becomes the Eggan Civilization Ruins. In order to reach King Omelet, Corobo has to travel through the Nature Maze, featuring signs that give information on King Omelet's life. Due to possessing an egg theme, Worrywart Kingdom is inhabited by many egg-related enemies, including Cockadoodledos and Concodores. After Corobo conquers Worrywart Kingdom, Alpoko becomes inhabited by a single Eggan.

The music is a remix of "Slavonic Dance No. 2."